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And now... bachelor number one. He enjoys warm weather and New York thin crust pizza, Martin Guitars and the sound of vinyl records. Let's give a big Jim Lange Dating Game welcome to your web site's host Reverend Greg.  The imaginary biographical words that were never spoken by Jim Lange, host of that popular television hit, The Dating Game. Still one of a large cast of characters that Greg remembers fondly from the 1970's. Pop culture and all the memories associated with it still remains an important part to him. It's like having a remote control to the fountain of youth, psychologically speaking, so sayeth the Rev. Perhaps it's due partly to the lack of thought and imagination that is sadly lost in the contemporary scene in his opinion. Although he does embrace the technology and communication that the current scene offers, he still can't help and reflect on a more simplistic time when the television had to warm up or one had to put tin foil on the rabbit ears to tune in the UHF channels to watch The Uncle Floyd Show. Hey Hey, snap it Pal!

His love of nostalgia, Googie architecture, retro pop culture, space age bowling alleys, classic TV shows, movies, cartoons and music is evident in the programming he presents on his self produced and hosted show on the UMRK Web Radio Network. A lifelong card carrying self admitted Beatles freak, you can be sure that the Fab Four will be well represented in the music that's heard on his show. In actual fact he's really crazy about a big variety of music from the old time classics, blues, swing, ragtime, country, bluegrass, love dart lounge classics, tiki bachelor pad tunes, jazz and big bands. Whether it's Fats Waller, The Monkees, Blondie, ELO, Scott Joplin or Les Paul, it's a scene he digs righteously. He dropped out of the contemporary music world in the late eighties when things started to change and good radio was just a memory but he still pays attention when a handful of classic artists put out a new release. You can be rest assured that he will have your requests covered from Bing Crosby To The Zombies and hundreds of thousands of songs in-between.

He is also the proud owner of a Craig 212  Mission Impossible Reel to Reel tape recorder, a Sony Betamax, walls full of celebrity autographs from his travels and a stack of board games from the 60's and 70's. Anyone up for a game of Kreskin's ESP?  He spends a good portion of his time having conversations with Oogie. The Oogs was hitchhiking one day on the Jersey Turnpike after being dumped from his slot on a local UHF TV Show.   He was despondent after becoming unemployed and has taken up residence in Greg's command and control center located in Parts Unknown USA. They are currently working on an stage act that may or not be revealed in the coming year.  Rev Greg will continue to pursue the purchase of the famous Gilbert O'Sullivan "G" sweater if and when it is auctioned off.  He is prepared to meet the reserve price and go beyond it for this most sought after collectible.

To sum it up he's an eternally optimistic legally ordained caffeine free super charged alpha male on Omega 3 supplements. Today we catch up with him in a brand new phase of existence living a quiet life of a reclusive suburban squire with his two boys and more than a few cats. His main ambition is getting a place by the beach on the gulf coast of Florida to collect sunshine in his mind and have a palm tree named after him.  After all in his mind's eye it's only two thousand lights years from home.

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