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I tunes- Winamp


Welcome To Umrk Web Radio. Your time machine has landed on the helo-pod to chat and listen to the live shows. The live broadcasts are available on all mobile devices now serviced with QR codes on the link above. If you have any issues, sometimes using a different browser will correct the problem. For the chat you have an option for Java, Flash or Mobile/HTML.  

Now for the FUN stuff! The Music!  Please feel free to send requests in the chat room. Occasionally the phone lines will be open and we'll post the hot line number so you can call your requests in and be heard by the entire planet.

We play an eclectic mix of everything that was good from the 20th Century. Whether it be The Beatles, Classic Rock, British Invasion, Sixties, Seventies, Eighties, Pop, Retro Sounds, TV tunes, Folk, or country we have you covered. If you happen to miss a live show there is a link at the top of the page called Radio Archives where you can download and listen to a variety of past broadcasts. All brought to you commercial free and in Stereo.  It's nostalgic, nutty, full of jingles and groovy pix-elly goodness without artificial preservatives added.