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Welcome to the all new Radio page. Umrk Web Radio evolved from Rev Greg's Hour of Flower Power show on South Jersey's Crusiin' 92.1. Where the signal was limited and the audience consisted of three hillbillies who would listen while they were searching for the elusive Jersey Devil in the Pine Barrens. Not being dismayed the Rev would mix up some fantastic tunes along with artist interviews. Donovan, Gary Lewis, The Turtles, Peter Noone, Todd Rundgren, Billy J. Kramer, Mark Lindsay and many others would make appearances.  Greg's love of the great top forty of New York's Music Radio 77 WABC and the FM sounds of WNEW-FM 102.7 was never far from his heart. With the steady decline of those radio formats he figured it was time to bring back the album tracks, the requests, the jingles, the hits, the personality and the fun that was all but a distant memory on the AM and FM dials.

Fearing that the local FM audience wasn't quite hip enough to catch on, UMRK Web Radio was born in 2001 and hit the internet airwaves where it still is going strong these days with live casts and replays through the magic of live shows and podcasting all the way to I-tunes.  With service reaching all four corners of the planet a new international audience was born.  Through this website and various social media platforms a good number of the original listeners are still here and requesting songs 14 years later.

Each and every Friday night at 9pm Eastern UMRK Web Radio goes live with an interactive chat for requests and maximum sociability to go along with the music. We have just installed a new state of the art Media Player with increased stability, faster loading time complete with the current song and artist listing that is currently playing that updates every fifteen seconds.

With our chief engineer Nick "The Master Masterer" Catania  holding down the fort in the relay shack you can be assured of top notch quality sound and production. If you think this is just another internet music program slapped together with two cans and some silly string you may be in for a pleasant surprise. We put the HI in hi-fi. Every show runs for about three hours and some even longer if the home production office gets emergency approval for extended hours.

Your host plays as many requests as time allows. The music format is simple. There really is none. With a mix of nostalgia, album cuts, retro sounds, tunes from the 50's to the 80's, pop, classic rock, blues, country and everything in between everyone goes home a winner hearing some long lost classics from the time machine.  The Rev also happens to be a card carrying Beatles freak as well so when it comes to the Fab Four you can be assured that they will be very well represented. Not just the songs you know and love but rare cuts and live nuggets as well. It's all brought to you commercial free and in STEREO. 

Pease stop by the LIVE SHOW link above when we are on the air to share the trip with us. Call in you requests to the all new Umrk Web Radio Party line at 609-225-6862 or if you prefer to send your requests by e-mail in advance you will get VIP attention when it comes to your personal music selections.  The Podcasts are posted above on the Umrk Archives page. E-mail your song requests to   You'll be glad you did and saying "Yaw Damn Right" just like Shaft. Thanks for stopping by and remember to HAVE FUN, PLAY LOUD and tell your friends. They might tell two friends and they'll tell two friends and so on and so on and so on.